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About Us


Our old firm name NTS Machine Is that we have been operating as a manufacturing company on jewelry store machines since 2010 and with a current name change EOS Machine We reach out to you with the knowledge that we are.

Firm History:

Formerly NTS Machine Is a manufacturer company that has been operating in the field of jewelry machines since 2010. During this time, with his experience and expertise in the industry, he offered quality products to his customers and gained a solid place in the industry.

Name Change and Rebirth:

With its savings from the past to the present, the company has continued on its way by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. As a firm open to innovations and developments, its current achievements" EOS Machine "Continues under the name. The name change that has been made reflects the evolution of the firm and its innovative approach to customers.

EOS Machine As, it continues its mission to provide customers with the highest quality products with its know-how and manufacturing capabilities in the jeweler machinery sector and consolidates its leading position in the industry.